Lucy Headshots - Sue Decker Photography

Need a Headshot or photo for your business card? A Headshot Session is a mini-session lasting approximately a 1/2-hour. We will discuss your needs to determine the right types of shots and I'll take it from there. 

The cost is $75. This includes the photo session, professional editing of 2 selected favorites and 2 low resolution files sized to use on social media websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. (Not for printing.) Additional photos selected for editing are $20 each. The digital files are also available for purchase.

Note: Please add 8.25% tax to all session and editing fees. Checks can be made payable to Sue Decker and are due at the session. Satisfaction guaranteed.

After the photo session, I upload the proofs to a private album on my website for you to view and select your favorites. I professionally retouch your favorites to ensure your best shows through in every photo. I then upload the final product to my website so you can order beautiful quality prints for a reasonable price. I have partnered with a professional printing lab so your images will be printed on high quality paper with beautiful true colors. The prints will be packaged carefully and delivered right to your home.

  • StrategicSolutions-0615
  • EmilyBroach-0196
  • StrategicSolutions-0504-3
  • StrategicSolutions-0504
  • StrategicSolutions-0431-3
  • StrategicSolutions-0431
  • TroyAnderson-0434-3
  • CynthiaHarp-6324-3
  • CynthiaHarp-6167-3
  • CynthiaHarp-6167-2
  • FMTownCouncil2016-3878
  • FMTownCouncil2016-3853
  • FMTownCouncil2016-3846
  • StrategicSolutions-0312-3
  • HYLA-1481-2
  • HYLA-1369-2
  • HYLA-1366-2
  • KathyOKeefe-0142-3
  • KathyOKeefe-0056-3
  • DianaRisell-3583-2
  • Dean-1242
  • Dean-1190
  • TomUrrutia-3528-9
  • TomUrrutia-3416Texture-2
  • OttsHeadshots-1864-3
  • OttHeadshots-1837-2
  • MonaHunt-7595-PE-2
  • Glenda--2-3
  • Katelyn--8-6
  • KarenSamuelson-69496
  • HeatherFrey-69295-2
  • Katie-68612Texture
  • CJ-68785Texture-2
  • JordanLee-68571Texture
  • FoF-58635-4
  • AlexG-49154E-3
  • Becker-42252
  • Dunn-41282-SM
  • Austin-38286
  • Meghan-38583-3
  • Cotten-33912-4
  • Morgan-36102
  • Deb-32824
  • 8x10
  • Lucy-24587
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